About Dragonwell

aboutus1Dragonwell Bistro’s owner, Jack Chu, grew up in the restaurant business in Portland, and remembers spending most of his youth working at his parents’ two restaurants after school and on weekends. Determined to find his own path, he decided to pursue work outside of the restaurant business after finishing his MBA, so he worked as a business consultant for 20 years in and around China. During his travels all over China and its many regions, he was fortunate enough to taste the best of the most authentic Chinese dishes and cuisines.

When Jack and his wife Annie decided to settle back down in Portland, they resolved to combine their love of cooking and eating to start a new venture in the restaurant industry. Jack did not want to own just any restaurant, but a restaurant that must be unique, with upscale ambience, a top-class chef, the best tasting Chinese food, excellent service, and most of all, a feeling of home for the guests, so that they would come back again and again to try new menu items from the best regions of China. Although Dragonwell Bistro offers cuisines from various regions around China, many dishes are influenced by southern Chinese cuisine. Jack’s wife, Annie, is from the southern city of Hangzhou, also known as China’s “Heaven on Earth.” This region’s cuisine is so famous that the Emperor Kin Lung himself dressed as a regular citizen to go there and taste the region’s many delicacies.

aboutus2With his 20 plus years of travel in China and his passion for food, Jack is proud to bring you Dragonwell Bistro, a place you will want to return to time and time again. Although Jack and his wife bring their own culinary experience and tastes to Dragonwell Bistro, Head Chef Chen has been the heart of the kitchen for over fifteen years, knowing what the regular guests’ like and consistently offering the best Chinese food in the most comfortable and unique upscale restaurant you can find in all of Portland. Dragonwell Bistro welcomes you with great service and flavorful cuisine!