19Nov 2015

This Past weekend we participated in the Premier NW Food and Wine Festival.  This is our third year of attending the event, even though we increase the amount of food brought to the event,  the were gone in first two hours.  As a quote from one of the attendee said, ” your food smell so […]

11Jun 2015

This is our third year of participation in this wonderful event call the Cuisine of China by our very own Chinese Garden here at NW 3rd and NW Everett Street, the entire city block dedicated this Garden.  Come join us to learn about the story behind the dish we prepare here at Dragonwell starting with […]

10Mar 2015

We will be closing at 5:30 pm on Friday March 20th for a private party, as well as limited seating on Tuesday March 24th for a private party.  We are becoming increasingly popular for private events and catering, so book your reservation or catering order today!