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The Lunar calendar of the Chinese Year falls on February 8th this year.  In China, this is the most important holiday of the year.  Many of the shops, factories and even stores will be closed for up to 2 weeks.  Nobody is interesting in work and everyone is interested in only the celebration.  Everyone wear bright new clothes, and majority of them wear red which is the “in” color.  Everyone is suppose to say all positive things such as blessings, and no negative things will be said.  Family members come back from all over China (if they work in another city) and family gatherings are everywhere.  Chinese believe if the start of the new year is on the right footing, the rest of the year will be good.  At Dragonwell Bistro, we follow the tradition of celebrating the Chinese New Year and allow family members to celebrate together, we have put together 2 separate menu (one for 10 or more people and one for 5 or more people together).  Come celebrate with us and learn about this tradition of eating together, and there is no better place to do that, than at Dragonwell Bistro.  Hope to see you here soon.


CNY menu