Classic Sesame Balls (4 pcs)
Fried White Sesame Coated Glutinous Rice Balls with Fresh Lotus or Red Bean Paste Filling.

* Please Allow 5-8 Minutes Preparation Time.

$3.50 Tang Yuan (5 pcs)
A warm dessert for the ginger lovers! Osmanthus (Apricot Aroma Flower) Essence Dumplings with White Sesame Filling in a Hot Ginger Broth.

* Please Allow 8-10 Minutes Preparation Time.

Egg Custard Tarts (3 pcs)
A Hong Kong Favorite, Buttery and Crisp Tart Shell Filled with Silky Smooth Baked Egg Custard.

* Please Allow 10-15 Minutes Preparation Time.

$5.00 Ginger Pots de Crème
Icy Silky Smooth Egg Custard Steamed to Perfection with the Taste of Fresh Ginger to Complete Your Culinary pleasure!
Hangzhou Kwai Hua Dessert
A Hangzhou Favorite Dessert, made with the Fragrant Flower, Osmanthus or Gui Hua 桂花 that Grown in the Region of Hangzhou (its Natural Beauty Earn its Name as "The Heaven on Earth"). A Very Light Dessert and Refreshing End to Your Meal.

*** In The Qing Dynasty, Gui Hua Was Often Made into Desserts for Alternative Healing, to Stimulate the stomach, Kidneys, Appetite, Reduce Coughs, Phlegm, and Internal Heat, to Nourish the Body to Prolong the Emperor's Life.
$4.50 Red Bean Crepe à la mode
A Shanghai Dessert Favorite, Golden Brown Crepes made with Fresh Red Bean Paste Filling and Served with Green Tea Ice Cream.

* Please Allow 10-15 Minutes Preparation Time.
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