18Dec 2017

Have you reserved your table for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Call us at (503)224-0800 to confirm your reservation today!!! Starting JANUARY 1st 2018, we will no longer be open on SUNDAYS. Happy Holidays Everyone- Dragonwell Bistro

12Dec 2015

As we approach our Holiday season.  We at Dragonwell Bistro wants to wish everyone the joyous holiday ahead and great time enjoying your family or friend visiting you.  This will be the great time to bring your friends and family to show off Dragonwell’s unique dining experience.  Don’t forget to order a bottle of our […]

11Jun 2015

This is our third year of participation in this wonderful event call the Cuisine of China by our very own Chinese Garden here at NW 3rd and NW Everett Street, the entire city block dedicated this Garden.  Come join us to learn about the story behind the dish we prepare here at Dragonwell starting with […]